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A magnificent Delhi

A magnificent Delhi

Delhi, a city defined by its rich Mughal heritage is not just the capital of the country, it is a pulsating centre of culture, entertainment, political power-broking and an all-around epitome of Indian cosmopolitanism. From the splendours of the various mausoleums to the tranquil and sprawling public parks and gardens, this is a city that presents a picture of cultural diversity that one cannot but help be impressed by.
From a culinary perspective, Delhi caters for every type of palate; from traditional Mughlai food to the delectable and cheap street food of Old Delhi. No trip to this enchanting and soulful city can be completed without savouring its gastronomical offerings.
For those culture-vultures and historically-minded, Delhi offers an abundance of cultural and architectural delights. From Delhi’s National Museum to the Akshardham Temple and The Tomb of Humayun, this is a city that is sure to leave an indelible imprint on one’s memory, not to mention the other iconic sites that have come to define Delhi, in particular the beautiful soaring Qutub Minar; the splendid India Gate and the majestic symbol of Indian sovereignty and identity, the Red Fort.
The nation’s capital invariably means that it is where the symbols of sovereignty and national prestige are concentrated, and nothing encapsulates this more than a stroll along Raisina Hill and Lutyens Delhi. An area studded with buildings constructed for the purposes of administering the nation during the British Raj, these beautiful structures today constitute some of the highest offices in the state bureaucracy, including ministry headquarters such as the External Affairs Ministry.
For a city so steeped in history, Delhi is also a magnet for party-goers and has a buzzing night life with clubs and discos catering for all genres of music and concerts. The city has a laudable public transport infrastructure in place, in particular the city’s metro system which is very efficiently run and connects all parts of the city from the centre of Connaught Place right through to the suburbs.
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