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India : A feast for the senses

India : A feast for the senses


A country by name, a continent by scale, India attracts millions of visitors to its shores. A country that vast which stretches from the Himalayas of the North to the sun kissed beaches of the south will visually stimulate you throughout your journey. Along with its marvelous structures, which are ancient and are world heritage sites there are many sensory experiences India has to offer.

It is a vibrant country full of colors and shades. The terrain is varied and consists of almost all types of nature known. Vast and gorgeous looking Rajasthan desert, high mountain peaks of the Himalayas, Beaches of the south, lush exotic tropical forests with thriving population of endangered animals, India has it all. Being one of the most populous country in our planet, Indian cities are generally crowded and is a place of endless eye candy and spectacles that you won’t see anywhere else. Naturally a camera comes in handy. There is great misconception about Indian food being hot. Indian cuisine is varied and differs from every region, there is absolutely something for every palate. We at Zigi Tours offer you a wide variety of travel motifs to India. The Golden Triangle Tour of India is by far one of the most popular journeys in India. It comprises of visit to three marvelous cities Delhi, Agra and pink city of Jaipur forming an imaginary triangle. This itinerary gives you a good glimpse of India through multi hued cities, palaces, temples and forts. This journey, which lasts for roughly six days, is a good way to explore India within the span of a week. It starts from the capital city of New Delhi which is a mega metropolis offering you famous sites such as the Lotus Temple, Mahatma Gandhi memorial, Red Fort, India Gate and the area of Old Delhi to name a few. The state of Delhi was the capital of British India and has many buildings from that era along with several magnificent structures from the Mughal era.

After spending two nights in Delhi you travel to the city of Agra. The city is known for the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO world heritage site. Built in 1632 the Taj Mahal, is one of the most photogenic structures ever built and is mesmerizing with its grandeur and is surrounded by lush greenery. It gives you an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling while watching it, It is fair to say that the Taj has that effect on its visitors. Agra is known for its stone inlay work also known as ” Pietra Dura”. The pink city of Jaipur is in the state of Rajasthan. Here you will spend two nights exploring the city. Jaipur is a very unique city and is an ideal place for shopping. Indian fabric, art and semi precious stones are some of the things you can buy while in Jaipur. An elephant ride while visiting the mighty Amber fort are some of the experiences you can enjoy. Our journeys are tailor made to your preferences and budget. Every element of your tour has been hand picked giving you a seamless and authentic travel experience.

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