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Varanasi : A city older than time

Varanasi : A city older than time


One must be prepared to be is utterly captivated by the historical splendour and legendary serenity of Varanasi.   Varanasi is the city of light, also known as Banaras and Kashi, it is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it is this historical richness and its Hindu prominence that give its true poignant essence. Varanasi is where you sense this beautiful spiritual warmness and begin to understand the quintessence of eternity, inner balance and peacefulness. The powerfully enriching chanting of mantras by the devoted holy men will ease into a different realm as you stride along the Dashashwamedh Ghat (embankment) with a heartfelt view of the Holy Ganges, one of 84 splendid Ghats that must be experienced. As the night falls gracefully and the sky is sprinkled with shining stars then begins the most eccentric worshiping ceremony known as he Agni Pooja,  dedicated to Lord Shiva, Agni (fire), the Holy River Ganges, and Surya (Sun). It is manifestation of Hindu devoutness and mystical galore which one can sense but can never define. It is the true dedication and devotion of the many smiling devotees who come in search of Moksh (emancipation, liberation, and release) which never ceases to inspire me, and perhaps it is this unconditional faith that makes Varanasi sacred. Varanasi is a place to be discovered with your heart, it rouses all the senses, it awakens all the emotions, and this is why it is fair to say it is esotericism defined.



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